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longley jones energy management

Energy and utilities are among the most significant, and most overlooked, expenses associated with any property. At Longley Jones, we never overlook an opportunity to help you reduce costs, which is why we’re so committed to sustainable energy alternatives. The benefits and savings offered by clean solar power, wind power and other renewable energy sources are well documented, and the ease with which we can implement energy efficient practices on your properties is proven by our years of success. 

Sustainable energy practices are not only good for the planet, they’re good for your bottom line. At Longley Jones, we fully embrace energy efficiency as a powerful tool for enhancing returns on your investment. It’s a consideration we take seriously throughout your property, from clean energy sources to efficient lighting, insulation, HVAC systems and more. Thanks to our years of experience, we have financing programs already in place to help you cover the cost of energy upgrades, and you can count on us to secure all available incentives through local utility programs and NYSERDA. We can even handle installation, and the savings are often greater than the monthly finance payments, meaning your upgrades could pay for themselves. Talk with us about a professional energy assessment today.