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Commercial Management

Longley Jones’ distinguished reputation as a leader in the field of commercial property management is unsurpassed by the competition. Clearly, commercial management is much more than a “Managed By” sign. The numbers speak for themselves: Longley Jones manages more than 2.5 million square feet of property throughout New York State.

Longley Jones proactively administers every property as an investment, giving that property special care and attention to detail, enhancing the value and helping to reduce property costs. Upon being awarded a management contract, Longley Jones conducts an in-depth evaluation to identify operational problems and needs, as well as opportunities to increase income and reduce costs. These observations, together with the owner’s objectives, guide Longley Jones in the development of a business plan to direct the successful management of the asset.

Commercial Management includes, but is not limited to, such properties as office buildings, retail centers, medical facilities, warehousing, condominium units and golf courses.

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