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About Us

Since 1958, Longley Jones Management Corp. has been involved in the professional management of real estate properties throughout New York State. Presently recognized as one of the largest management companies in New York State, Longley Jones has offices in all major cities throughout the state. The company employs over 400 people and is presently active in the management of shopping centers, office complexes, medical facilities, golf courses and in excess of 5,000 apartments of all styles, including high rise, condominiums, housing for the elderly and all forms of HUD-assisted apartment housing. We offer a wealth of knowledge and experience in every facet of real estate management. Our team of professionals can address any of your real estate needs. Personal discussions on specific properties may be obtained by contacting:

Mark R. Ferguson
Senior Vice President
of Commercial Management
(315) 424-0200

Steve Nickels
V.P. Regional Management
315-424-0245 (Fax)


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