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Since 1958 Longley Jones has been dedicated to providing a complete menu of real estate services throughout New York State. Recognized as one of the best independently owned real estate companies in the area, our success can be attributed in part to our ability to adapt to the changing needs of today’s well-informed consumer.

Longley Jones offers a wealth of knowledge and experience in every facet of real estate marketing. Our team of professionals will have all the answers to any of your real estate needs.

With a proud heritage of service spanning over a half century, Longley Jones leaves customers feeling confident that they’re in good hands. And they are. Currently we have professionals managing everything from office complexes to apartments of every style imaginable. 

These experts will help you find a real estate solution that best suits your needs. Most importantly, we’re constantly evolving to meet the changing needs of the real estate community. But rest assured, no matter how much we change, we will continue to serve you with pride and integrity.